How ‘The Internet of Things’ Affects Building Operations

The author used the abbreviation IoT. The magazine used fms, too  (for facility managers)

Today, the main benefit of the IoT will be the ability for components to communicate with each other and with master control systems, both locally and through the Internet. This is called machine to machine (M2M) communications, and it will allow multiple components to work together proactively to reduce energy costs and be more efficient . . .

The benefits for fms in ease of management could also be significant. Imagine copiers and printers sensing when they are low on paper or toner, and automatically entering a work order or inventory request into CAFM and CMMS systems. Elevators will be able to tell you when they get stuck; HVAC systems will tell you when their filters need changing; and components like pumps would tell you when they start heating up, indicating there is a problem. Even individual lights, outlets, or thermostats could be connected to the IoT and controlled.

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